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محمد الشرماني

شاعر يمني ودكتور في اللسانيات، يكتب الشعر بالإنجليزية (1976-)

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So close, out of sight, though,
Thee to me,
Souls embrace, knowing,
No space, no distance,
Like Seas and Oceans,
Having no barriers to discrete,
I wonder by my truth!
Do you feel it?
As I did!
Truth knows no witnesses,        
Sun at noon,
Out of hand,
Your love comes,
Knowing no differences,
Without assize,
Rejuvenating my limbs,
Love of life,
"O' love,
As this thou do,
With us",
Inspiring people,
Torturing some,
Killing some,
Creating some others,
Soul got thirst,
Longing eats heart out,
"Seagulls longing for Seagulls",
Human full of human,
Senses, having poor passion,
Only you can satisfy,
The longing passion,
Having mercy upon me,
To survive,
People live in glee,
But me, sorrows ground,
Making me live in death,
Yet, my life,
You possess,
To hand, to live,
To debar, to die. 

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